Environmental protection “Lack of information and contradictory information on the state of health of the Calabrian seas”


The denunciation of Amici della Terra

“The spotlight on the state of health of the seas and the various interventions activated by the Region before and after the opening of the current bathing season have contributed to a significant reduction in polluting discharges into the sea with a significant improvement in the quality waters. water used for bathing. The spotlight must not be turned off now that we are entering the full bathing season and on the beaches there are millions of people who must be informed and informed about the quality of the bathing waters and the many stretches of sea with prohibitions temporary and permanent swimming pools due to pollution. Information from competent bodies, in particular municipalities and the Ministry of Health, continues to be lacking, is contradictory and does not comply with the legislation in force to protect the health of bathers and improve the quality of polluted waters“. This is what we read in a note signed by Mario Pileggi, geologist of the National Council of Friends of the Earth, association that promotes policies and behaviors aimed at protecting the environment and sustainable development.

“Not all the signs on the beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea are seen which should be displayed and clearly highlighted to inform bathers of the start and end of bathing bans due to pollution, their cause and their duration. And you don’t even see the more than 1300 panels, at the start and end of each of the approximately 630 bathing areas, showing water quality data and profiles of the same areas monitored with monthly analysis by Arpacal – continues the note -. To the absence of signage on the beaches, at the beginning and at the end of each bathing area, which falls under the competence of the municipalities, is added the absence of a regional information site, georeferenced and updated in time. on the quality of bathing water as it occurs in many other regions of the BelPaese”.

“There is only the web portal of the Regional Environmental Protection Agency in which, with regard to information on bathing waters, it is written:” Click here to access the dedicated area to the news on bathing in Calabriawhich refers to another link that reads: “This section will publish all the news relating to bathing water control and showing a list where the most recent news is that of August 18, 2021 on the “return to respect for Scalea points”. The tool currently available is the Portal of the Ministry of Health where conflicting data and information gaps continue to appear, such as those that we have repeatedly reported but only partially corrected in a few communes”.

“In this regard, they are to be highlighted two examples of bathing areas in the Tyrrhenian Vibonese falling into the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia. The first example is that of the area called “La Rocchetta” with a length of 1,730 meters in the municipality of Briatico in the province of Vibo Valentia – continues Pileggi -. This area identified by the code IT018102003002 it is the only one on the map of the Ministry of Health indicated in red andtherefore, of Poor quality and prohibited due to pollution. This is the only area in red in the entire Gulf of Sant’Eufemia. If we then open the documents with the monthly analyzes of the waters of 2021 and 2022 available on the portal of the Ministry of Health, we can read instead that the waters of the same locality “La Rocchetta” are indicated for bathing and classified as quality Excellent. But there is more: the water quality in the same area La Rocchetta with the identification code IT018102003002 is classified as good quality in Annex B of the Water Classification Decree of the Calabria Region 2022 ”. In the same regional decree, the only area classified as poor quality in the province of Vibo Valentia is the one called “200 meters to the right of F. Mesima” outside the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia. In addition, and contrary to what is indicated by the Ministry of Health, the map of the water quality portal of the European Environment Agency (EEA) indicates the area “La Rocchetta” IT018102003002 as suitable for bathing and of excellent quality”.

“The other example of contradictory data and indications between the regional decree on the classification of bathing waters, the Ministry of Health and the European Environment Agency is that of the area called “1,400 mt. South Torre Marina ”in the municipality of Ricadi – continues the note -. This 1,330 meter long area, with the identification code IT018102030005 is listed among the classified bathing areas of Excellent quality in Annex B of the Calabria Region Bathing Water Classification Decree 2022. And on the health ministry map, it is covered by the green net as a bathing area. Contrary to what the map of the portal of the European Environment Agency (EEA) indicates, where the area with the code IT018102030005 is indicated as Bad quality And swimming is prohibited. On the Ministry of Health website also for this other area there is a contrast between what is highlighted in the map and what is reported in the documents with the analyses. In fact: on the map it appears colored green and therefore suitable for swimming during in the documents relating to the monthly analyzes of 2021 and 2022 it is indicated of poor quality, and therefore, to be prohibited from swimming. The data and examples mentioned above highlight the need to enforce the existing obligation in each country of the European Union to provide for each of the 630 bathing areas in Calabria the information necessary to enable people to make decisions enlightened on where to do the bathroom without health risks; and enable participation in the decision-making process for the improvement of water quality and the environment along the 716 km of coastline of the Region characterized by unique geological characteristics and biodiversity in the Mediterranean”.

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