Ministry of Health, competition for technical officials and health experts: how to participate


Ministry of Health, competition for technical officials and health experts: how to participate - Giornale di Sicilia

The Ministry of Health has launched two competitions for expert technical cadres in health, to be classified in the third functional area – salary band F1. There are 10 permanent jobs based in the central offices in Rome: 5 Technical Services Officers – Management Engineers, Health Experts; 5 technical service agents, health experts.


To participate in the competitions for technical officials organized by the Ministry of Health, it is necessary to have: Italian citizenship or citizenship of a Member State of the European Union or other categories provided for by the calls; fitness; enjoyment of civil and political rights; inclusion in the active political electorate; be in compliance with military service obligations (only for competitors required to comply with the obligation); knowledge of the English language; knowledge of the most common IT equipment and applications; not have exceeded the age provided for by the regulations in force for retirement; qualification to practice as an engineer.

Qualification for Education

With regard to executives of technical services, management engineer, it is necessary: ​​diploma bac+3 (L) included in one of the promotions of diplomas L-8 Information engineering, L-9 Industrial engineering or any other diploma equivalent to these diplomas according to the legislation in force; management engineering diploma (DL) or specialist diploma (LS) or master’s degree (LM) in one of the possible equivalence diploma classes pursuant to the decree of the Minister of National Education, university and research, as well as any other equivalent title on the basis of the legislation in force. For the figure of technical services agent, a diploma belonging to one of the diploma classes in: L-7 Civil and environmental engineering, L-9 Industrial engineering, L-23 Building sciences and techniques, or any other equivalent qualification is required in accordance with the decrees of the Ministry of National Education, University and Research of July 9, 2009 and November 11, 2011; Baccalaureate awarded according to the previous university system in: Civil engineering, Building engineering, Mechanical engineering, Environmental and territorial engineering or specialist or master’s degree in one of the classes of equivalence diplomas possible under the decree of the Minister of Education, University and Research July 9, 2009, as well as any other equivalent qualification according to the legislation in force.

Reserved seats

The competitions provide for reserved places: 20% for permanent agents of the Ministry of Health in possession of the required conditions referred to in Article 2 of the calls; 30% to Armed Forces volunteers; in accordance with art. 18 paragraph 2 of the law of March 12, 1999, n. 68, orphans and surviving spouses of those who have died as a result of work, war or service, or as a result of the aggravation of disability ascertained for such causes, as well as spouses and children people recognized as seriously disabled due to war, service and work and repatriated Italian refugees, whose status is recognized by the law of 26 December 1981, n. 763, are entitled to the reserve within the limit of the compulsory global quota.

The proof

Depending on the number of applications received for each competition, a pre-selection test may be scheduled which will be carried out remotely, using computer tools. Same thing for the written test, while the oral test can be carried out remotely, by videoconference, or face-to-face.

How to submit the application

Applications for participation in the 2022 Ministry of Health competitions for engineers must be submitted exclusively electronically before August 22, 2022, by accessing the digital platform with SPID. Candidates must also have a personal and active certified (PEC) email address.

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