Monkey pox, vaccination is in progress. The Ministry of Health assigns the first doses to 4 regions


Monkey pox, vaccination is in progress.  The Ministry of Health assigns the first doses to 4 regions - Corriere della Sera

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The tranches were distributed among the regions with the highest number of cases reported so far: Lombardy 2000; Lazio 1200; Emilia-Romagna 600; Veneto 400

Green light for vaccine distribution plan against monkeypox in Italy
: the indications have been published by the Ministry of Health. The circular establishes the allocation of the first shares of the vaccine Smallpox of Jynneos following the arrival of the first installment by the European Commission. It is currently 5,000 doses and a mass vaccination will not start anyway: “At the moment, the infection modalities and the speed of spread of monkeypox rule out the need for a mass vaccination campaign” explains the Ministry of Health (WHO everything you need to know about monkeypox)

In this first phase, after consultation with the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, “it was decided to distribute the vaccine doses currently available among the Regions with the highest number of cases reported to date and distributed as follows: Lombardy 2000; Lazio 1200; Emilia-Romagna 600; Veneto 400”. Other doses, for a maximum of 60, will be distributed in the other regions that request them.

Who are the first doses of vaccine intended for?

The vaccination campaign will focus for now on the high-risk categories identified by the ministry:
– workers likely to be directly exposed to the orthopoxvirus
– gay, transgender, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) who meet the following risk criteria:
* recent history (last three months) with several sexual partners; participation in group sex events
* participation in local sex meetings / club / crusing / saunas
* recent sexually transmitted infection (at least one episode in the past year); habit of associating social acts with the consumption of chemical drugs (chemsex).

These high-risk subjects – continues the text – could be identified among those who refer to PrEP-HIV clinics infectious disease centers and checkpoints, HIV centers and sexually transmitted disease treatment centers, also using high-risk behavior indicators similar to those used to assess eligibility for pre-exposure prophylaxis HIV, but applied regardless of the presence or absence of HIV infection”. In particular, it is emphasized, “The involvement of LGBTQIA+ associations and the fight against HIV, in particular to promote correct information on the vaccination campaign. The vaccine supply strategy for other target groups may be updated depending on epidemiological developments and the availability of doses”.

The vaccine available

The currently available vaccine, MVA-BN (Modified Non-Replicating Live Vaccine Ankara Virus, manufactured by Bavarian Nordic), “is a vaccine distributed in the United States under the name Jynneos, and cleared by the FDA for the prevention smallpox and monkeypox in adults at high risk of infection. MVA-BN is also authorized in Canada – it is specified in the leaflet – under the trade name Imavamune, and in Europe, with the trade name Imvanex. As indicated by the EMA, between the two products (Jynneos and Imvanex ) There are small differences in manufacturing process and quality specifications between different marketing authorizations in different regions, due to differences in data sets, but which do not affect the final quality of the vaccine. More recently, the EMA extended the indication for use of Imvanex (previously indicated only for smallpox) also for monkeypox”.

Vaccine protection

The MVA-BN vaccine, manufactured by Bavarian Nordic A/S, contains a weakened form of modified Ankara virus, which belongs to the same family as the smallpox virus but does not cause disease and cannot reproduce in human cells. The safety profile of the vaccine is good and side effects are mild to moderate. WHO Director General Ghebreyesus said theVaccination does not guarantee immediate protection: Antibodies may develop after a few weeks. “This means that vaccinated people must continue to take measures to protect themselves – he specified -, avoiding close contact, including sexual intercourse, with other people who have or are at risk of contracting smallpox. monkey.” It’s possible that people who have been vaccinated against smallpox in the past (vaccination suppressed in Italy in 1981) are less at risk of infection, due to the similarity of the smallpox virus to Mpx: some studies estimate that the protection could be 85%.

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