Cruises for singles: 4 things to know for the perfect vacation with or without love!


There’s nothing worse than seeing friends leave wondering where and with whom to go on vacation. Isn’t that true? if you are in this situation, take the opportunity to book a cruise for singles. Organized tours, affordable prices, fun and no stress await you

L’summer for you it is not this refuge against stress and this oasis of rest that seems to be for everyone? Let me guess: you are Singleall your friends are leaving couple or with familyand you don’t know where to start to plan yours holidays?
There is no need to abandon the idea of ​​a holidays for that alone, you can find the right solution for you with a cruise dedicated to those who do not want to leave coupleand doesn’t even pair with his the best friendor his best friend Single.

Singles cruises: what is it?


The singles cruises are the perfect solution to your problem. It is actually a travel Perfectly organizedduring which you will only have to worry about yours I answer and your desire to meet new people. Absolutely ideal, that of cruiseas a proposal for those who do not trips together. As with any other cruise, in fact, you can choose a itinerarywho predict intermediate steps and the days/evenings, organized on board the ship. So you won’t have the problem of how to get around on the spot, with which half leave, what to decide to see. Your only task will be to choose a destination and be accompanied to the port.

How to book a singles cruise

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Lately it’s become a possibility for everyone, it’s not a thing anymore”odd”As you might think a few years ago, book a travel do in lonelyor even with the declared desire to know a new potential partner. For this reason also the same cruise lines the most popular allow you to book singles cruises directly from theirs bring them. Just type in google “singles cruises» And you will be able to see all the possible proposals, including imagining the solution closest to yours travel idea to do by yourself.

Tour Operator For Single

So there are real ones tour operator who are responsible for organizing exclusively singles cruises and vacations. Please take a look at their websites; are complete with proposalsexperiences and Comments of those who have already traveled with them. In this type of sites you will find, in addition to cruises, also gods boat trips navigation and a choice menu divided by destinations: Italyabroad, The Greek IslandsIberian Peninsula, etc.
The cruise itinerary in the The Greek Islandsfor example, it also includes a stopover until late in the evening on the island of Mykonos during which I single on board they can stop to enjoy the famous night life and the gods Locals of the island.

How much does a singles cruise cost and what does it include?

Mediterranean Cruise

The Cruises for singles, if organized by tour operators that operate exclusively for those trips dedicated to people who want to go alone, they include a series of exclusive services designed to bring you into synergy with the band. In fact, a group of animators will board with you, best described as tower leaderwho organize and manage placeholders for your group: welcome drinkthemed evenings, excursions and stops that create compactness and trust among travellers.
The average cost at the end of Augustfor a cruise experience in the Greek Islands is approximately 1100€. Pay attention to the prices you see online, they are not finite.

For the cruise in this figure, you will have included: the full board and of buffet on board, the cabin entry level, Activities proposals on board. The excursions not on board are quantified Excepttaxes and insurance also (approx. €150.00 After). Make sure you have the drinks included on board when booking, on a cruise water not included is sometimes an unknown not always taken into account.

Single in Sailboat

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The holidays in cruise it’s not the only option for me Single who want to leave by crossing the waves of the sea. For those who feel more comfortable in small situationsand, but do not want to give up the vacation on the open sea, there is the possibility of organizing a vacation for singles groups in sailboat.
For a sailing holiday betweenIsland of Elba and the Corsicayou will pass between 1000 and 1200 euros for 7 nights. In this case, you have, included in the price, practically only the boat rental. As expenses it is necessary to add, for one week, approximately €200.00 of what is called “Difficult situation“, Or one cash fund municipality agreed before departure with the skipper, and which is then managed by him for water, shopping, fuel. On weekends, the surplus is returned or a recalculation is requested to add something if necessary during the stay. Port taxes in case of sailboat there is none, but there is an insurance fee of approximately 30 euros. There will be no lap leader here but there is skipperaccustomed to managing this type of group, will take care of advising you routeslocal, get in touch with Pr of the club during stops, and create circumstances aggregative inside the boat. The choice to leave Single with a sailboat already makes a rich selection compared to yours interestsyou will find yourself sharing the journey with a band Between 8 and 16 people with whom you surely have in common therelove for the sea and the idea of ​​a specific style of holiday: long crossings and stops in creeks and streams to the most misunderstood.

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So if your problem with your holiday was not having the right company, you have no more excuses to book your own travel Between seafun and Relax.

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