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What medicines to take on vacation, even for Covid: what to bring in Italy and abroad


What medicines to take on vacation, even for Covid: what to bring in Italy and abroad - Virgilio News

What the kit should contain for a safe trip, depending on where you are vacationing and what to do in case of an emergency (including Covid)

Summertime to holidays. But what are the medications which should never be missing in your suitcase? What do you recommend to take with you if you go to the sea, to the mountains or to the mountains? What if the destination is abroad? Finally, what if you catch the Covid on vacation? Here are the expert’s answers, Robert Monksecretary of the Federation of General Practitioners, a Virgil New.

What medicines to take before leaving for the summer

The first piece of advice, regardless of the specific goal, is to start with some sort of first aid kit, which can adapt to any destination. “It can certainly be helpful, for example, to have over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol for fever, but we also remember in more serious cases that it is always good to rely on a doctor”.

“Fortunately, the National Health Service still offers the option of contacting the Emergency medical service and to Tourist medical carewhere 118, which can intervene if necessary. For example, in the event of a heart attack, it is essential not to waste time. As a former head of 118, I remind you that one minute late can be equivalent to a 10% less chance of saving a person, ”explains Roberto Monaco.

What medicines to take on vacation depending on the destination, even for the Covid: advice for departurePhoto source: 123RF

Suitcase with different drugs inside.

“Of course, the advice for the preventionespecially in summer, is to prevent any heat sickness” – here is our guide to guarding against heat waves – “wear light and not dark clothes, always pack a certain amount of the water and also a hatand avoiding the hottest hoursespecially if you have heart disease.

What medicines to pack for a beach vacation

If you go to a place of sea, it may be useful to bring products against jellyfish stings. “A ammonia or al cortisone can be effective. If, on the other hand, you have reactions to mosquito bites or other insects, I would not rule out a cortisone cream, on medical advice and if you have no adverse effects.

“In case of shock anaphylactic help should be called immediately, as the so-called is essential Golden hour, the golden hour, that is to say the first minutes after the event. If you are practical and on medical advice, the allergic they can take the kit with the adrenaline. Finally, to avoid seasicknesspills or chewing gum are voluntarily recommended”, specifies the doctor.

Watch out for the mountains, the lake and the hills: what are the risks?

If you choose a different destination, such as Mountain or even the hill or the the needle, what should not be missing? Special attention should surely have him who loves paths in the woods. “Here, the main danger is the vipers. In the meantime, I would advise walking with mountain shoes, with high protection on the ankle and quite thick. Maybe it would also be good to wear long pants.”

“In case of bite, it is necessary to immediately call the emergency services, who will be able to deal with the situation, evaluating the advisability of using the anti-viper serum, which is no longer always used because it can have effects secondary. However, it may be useful to tightly bandage the area of ​​the bite, to slow down the flow of blood from the infected area,” emphasizes the expert.

What to do before going abroad: beware of insurance

If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy some sort of back to normalwith the possibility of going toabroadyou must first find out about roof sanitary. “It’s always recommended, even if health coverage is generally guaranteed in Europe. In fact, this also happens for foreign tourists who, in case of need, can come to our emergencies”.

“Otherwise, in the United States, you must have stipulated a ‘health insurance, as usually reminded by airlines when booking and buying tickets,” confirms Roberto Monaco. “However, with regard to possible preventive actions, it is advisable to inquire beforehand about any vaccines requests Where advised, depending on the destination areas. For example, coverage of malaria or other endemic diseases”.

Covid, what to do if it turns out positive outside Italy

Despite the return to pre-Covid life, the pandemic is not over, and the situation is different, and more or less serious, depending on the different countries. But what if it turns out to be positive abroad? “It is surely necessary to respect the rules of the country in which you are, which may provide for a period of forty more or less long and pads at the exit. Beyond the laws, however,insulation it is important and must be followed for the sake of good citizenship and to avoid contagion Where epidemics“, concludes the expert.

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