Holidays in Europe: the most interesting destinations


Those who work in the world of tourism have no doubts: in the first place of the best European places for summer there is Crete.

Why it is worth traveling to the Greek island can be understood in a few words: easy access from Italy (direct flights from Turin, Rome, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Verona, Catania, Palermo, Pisa, Bari, Naples), turquoise sea smooth sand and pebble beaches, historical sites and archaeological sites to visit.

And again: possibility of excursions in dune buggy in the dunes, mini cruises among the bays of the island and also a tour among vineyards and olive groves.

Not only the beach and relaxation therefore, even if the “core business” of holidays is undoubtedly this, with a Temperature still pleasant and little rainfall during the summer months.

about the sea, Spain And Portugal are still among the favourites, but it is precisely from the Lusitanian country that a surprise arrives: it is not only the Algarve among the destinations to discover, but rather the real novelty is the Alentejo the region that extends beyond the Tagus and, going south, covers the area it gives Lisbon just happens to Algarve.

What is the factor of this area? The beaches beautiful and less crowded compared to the better known ones in Faro and Tavira.

Beautiful beaches, but also small villages perched on the rock and with typical white and blue colors arabic architecture overlooking the ocean, then castles on the hills, vineyards, olive groves and fields of sunflowers.

A region of discover and which, cut between the sea and Spain, gives more points of observations and experiences to face, from the plains and marshes of the north, to the burning sun of the south, to arrive in the east on an arid land which recalls Extremadura and the Andalusia Spanish.

magical iceland

The sea is not the main attraction of Iceland but the northern European island has started again (after the shutdown period due to the pandemic) to be one of the favorite destinations of Italians.

A unique plunge into nature, lunar landscapes And huge green expanses with low and dense vegetation, waterfalls glaciers, thermal pools, geysers suddenly appear along the route.

The capital Reykjavík it’s a city effervescent and plenty of clubs, but intended as a stopover for a few days when visiting an island to be enjoyed in at least a week. By car, motorhome, bicycle.

The typical route is the state 1, to rotate the whole country clockwise or counterclockwise. Some outputs of “1” are recommended to visit i fjords or tackle the central, more winding area (often using all-terrain vehicles).

Do not miss Studlagil to the east of the island, a canyon between the basalt rocks, now more easily accessible after the creation of a car park just two hundred meters from the new observation platform.

Around the capitals

Among the capitals, excluding the still very popular ones London And Paris climbs positions in the ranking of the most popular destinations that of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

The recipe for success city ​​of dragons“Is in four ingredients: culture, art, entertainment, large green spaces (from Tivoli Park the largest in town).

Just under three hundred thousand inhabitants, never overcrowded, Ljubljana develops along the banks of the river Ljubljanica where there are many café terraces, and is divided into a part old rich in culture and in a field more commercial.

The car originally from Italy, remains the more comfortable ways to get to the Slovenian capital, but there is also a bus service from Trieste. The airport is less than thirty kilometers from the center, but is not directly connected to Italy, except at certain times of the year.

It is however a city to discover and especially to feet crossing the center and arriving up to Castle dominating it, and appreciating the strong ecological footprint which characterizes it, having pedestrianized the city center since 2016.

To visit

Ljubljana Castle is one of the most evocative places in the Slovenian city

Suggestive Brittany

A touch of France to finish, with the fifth destination to discover: let’s enter Brittany at Saint Malo.

In the north of the country, with mild temperatures even in summer and not far from the popular Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo has a magnificent fortified citadel and there is something to lose yourself between the two kilometers of ramparts and the gaze on the horizon of the sea, which evokes a rich history of ships and pirates.

A little less than fifty thousand inhabitants, the center built on aisland connected to the coast and founded in the 12th century, it was the city of corsairs who, according to the story, worked officially for the King of France (since in possession of an official document that legalized their activity of fighting against enemies), scrupulously respecting the rules of engagement of war so as not to be considered”pirate“.

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