PSG press review: Bernardo Silva, the Verratti-Vitinha pair decrypted, Galtier’s pressure on Henrique…



Seen and read about PSG in the French press this Saturday, August 20. The Verratti-Vitinha pair under scrutiny, financial fair play catches up with PSG, Christophe Galtier’s pressure against Antero Henrique and the Bernardo Silva track.

In today’s edition, THE TEAM focuses on the pair made up of Marco Verratti and Vitinha put in place in the middle of the PSG since the start of the preparation, a “ beginning of solution “Faced with all the shortcomings suffered by the Parisian club in this sector for so many years – since the departures of Thiago Motta and Blaise Matuidi ultimately. For the French daily, despite some questions about a discipline leaving something to be desired (an aggressiveness possibly there to compensate for the physical deficit of the two) and a lack of offensive weight, “ the Vitinha-Verratti association brings more hope than it awakens fear “. Vitinha offers one more solution to the defense in the ball exits, he and the Italian know how to play short to raise properly, the first evolves 10-15 meters higher when the second does not hesitate to slip between Marquinhos and Sergio Ramos… In short, the association of the two men really brings hope for THE TEAMalthough it remains to be seen how it will perform in the face of larger displacement.

This association could have had its first big test to take up this Sunday during the match against Lille at the end of the third day of League 1 if Vitinha had not been suspended. Nothing will happen. THE TEAM in any case indicates that Christophe Galtierwho took advantage of his appearance at a press conference this Friday to calm the Neymar-Mbappé affair, is well aware of the fact that the trip to the North will be another ordeal than the two matches against Clermont and Montpellierboth on the quality of the opposition and on its nature.

Anything else, THE TEAM reveals in its edition of the day that PSG have been caught by UEFA in the context of financial fair play, just likeOM. Under surveillance for several weeks, Paris is now subject to sanctions and fines because of its deficit exceeding the €30 million authorized over three financial years. the PSG will therefore have to make efforts to get back on track in order to avoid greater penalties, financial and then sporting.

Finally, in the middle of August, THE TEAM naturally addresses the issue of the transfer window of the PSG. Announced as finished by the Italian press this Friday, the track Milan Skrinar is mentioned by the French daily. He explains that negotiations with the player had made good progress, his Parisian salary tripling that which he receives at Inter having already been defined. But as everyone knows, the discussions between Paris and theInter are in an impasse, the Italian club camping on its positions with this sale price of 70 M€ never reached by the Parisian offers. ” The more time passes, the more difficult it will be for Inter to find him a possible successor », rightly notes THE TEAMthus suggesting, like the transalpine press, an unfavorable outcome for the Parisian club in the long term.

Second issue addressed: that of Bernardo Silva. If the English press recently affirmed that the Portuguese international still having three years of contract to Manchester City would remain on the staff of Pep Guardiola this season, the PSG seems not to have said its last word. In any case, this is what THE TEAM. The French daily indicates that Paris wishes to give itself the means to believe in its chances in this file where the FC Barcelona has now retreated. Already worked on earlier in this transfer window and then considered lost, the question of recruiting Bernardo Silva is therefore once again worked on by the Paris sports management, Luis Campos having relaunched discussions in recent days despite the will of the Citizens to keep it. The financial operation is naturally complicated, but the PSG seems to want to play the blow thoroughly, especially insofar as the player did not hide in private during the summer that the Parisian project attracts him.

Problem, this version is absolutely not the same as the one put forward by The Parisian in its Saturday edition. The regional daily confirms the interest of the PSG with regard to Bernardo Silvahesitating between the idea of ​​finding the League 1, Kylian Mbappe as well as Luis Camposand the project to join the FC Barcelona which has always made him dream. Moreover, The Parisian even evokes an agreement having been close to being found with the former player of theAS Monaco. Only here, the fall is hard, since Bernardo Silva will not come for the regional media. The reason is simple: the prerequisite for the arrival of the Portuguese was a departure from Neymarsomething that should not happen by September 1st. Bernardo Silva therefore will not come according to The Parisianwhich indicates that the last reinforcement desired in the offensive field seems rather to have the profile of a double to Leo Messi and Neymarwhen Hugo Ekitike is intended to ensure the back-up of Kylian Mbappe.

Le Parisien also reveals behind the scenes of the state of relations withAntero Henrique with the rest of the sports management of the PSG. And obviously, all is not so rosy! Christophe Galtier was the author of a press conference this Friday which was analyzed as being a blow of pressure with regard to the Portuguese leader appointed by Nasser Al-Khelaifi and responsible for negotiating the contracts of those arriving and those departing. Antero Henrique follows an instruction: that of not spending more than the receipts. Problem, he could be doing it a little too extreme according to some. ” He negotiates for 500€ “, laments an intimate of the Lodge Camp who sees in this caution the many brakes glimpsed throughout the summer, and this while three recruits are still expected (a defender, a midfielder, a striker). As mentioned above, the track Milan Skriniar is at a standstill in the face of the claims of theInter when the file Fabian Ruiz is not facilitated by the incorporation of Keylor Navas in discussions, Napoli wishing it almost for free.

The Parisian goes on to say that the attitude ofAntero Henrique would tense at times Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos insofar as he would take some liberties with the definition of his role. He has to negotiate the contracts, but he ” often gives agents or recruitment cell managers the impression that he is the boss, which annoys the real decision-makers inducted this summer What are the French coach and the Portuguese sports adviser. A typical case according to The Parisian : Track Marcus Rashfordadmittedly checked by Luis Camposbut started without consultation with his superior by Antero Henrique after solicitation of the brother of the player of Manchester United. It now remains to be seen whether the public development of Christophe Galtier at a press conference, certainly validated by Luis Camposwill calm the ardor ofAntero Henrique.

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