Gaudioso: “Working for the island, the tourist boom was a panacea”


Gaudioso: “Working for the island, the tourist boom was a panacea” - Il Golfo 24

It’s a summer of recovery for island tourism: how much it will positively affect our territory after two years of pandemic?

“I believe that the summer of 2022 overall had a very favorable trend for the island. In fact, the comparative references were no longer the data of 2021 or 2020, but of 2019, that is to say the pre-pandemic years, and even the figures for this season for various activities were even higher than those recorded before the health emergency. . In addition, I have spoken with various contractors, and I believe the overall seasonal trend has been very positive”

How is your experience in the metropolitan city going and what are the next goals you plan to pursue for Ischia?

“I was elected in February, then there was the nomination, which was followed by the campaign period for the municipal elections. Considering this, I say that in the metropolitan city, we got to know each other and a tight-knit group was formed. With regard to the objectives in favor of the island, I hope that soon we will be able to start planning the interventions on the ridges, both for the Maronti and for Cava Grado, for which we have obtained the financing. In addition, I have already been pleading for a long time for the securing of the ridge near the heliport on the Lacco Ameno-Casamicciola coastal road, an intervention that is part of the delegation entrusted to me: I hope to be able to remedy to this problem, which has not been solved for years, in a short time. I’ve already had a few interviews to speed up the design: the money is there, but without putting our hands on the projects we can’t finish. Just today (yesterday for the reader, editor’s note) I confronted the executives for the conclusion of the agreement for the acquisition of the new wing of the Polyfonctionnelle for the benefit of the Lycée d’Ischia, thus solving the space problems of the Institute. It is an important fact at the island level to get the attention of the metropolitan city for coasts, roads and schools. And we are working on all three axes, and I think that important results will soon be visible”.

“The summer of 2022 went very well, with results that for many activities were even higher than the pre-pandemic seasons”


With the minority, there is always a strong tension, the round trips with the councilor Di Scala are not lacking. In short, it seems that in Barano the climate must always be “hot”


“Listen, I would say rather that for the last five years, the climate has been quite calm, we have worked well. The question and answer was only indirect, just answering some questions, with which I clarified some issues, but I have no problem dealing with the minority, and we did. They are the opposition, I am the mayor: they entrusted me with the task of administering the country, and I do so in the interest not only of those who voted for me, but of everyone. I have demonstrated this in the previous five years, and I will do the same for the next five years. I think the results proved me right: I think my policy was appreciated by the citizens, to the point that this year I got additional support”.

“In the metropolitan city, we are working on several fronts: from school, with the upcoming acquisition at the Lycée of the other wing of the general-purpose school, to the security of the ridges such as Maronti, Cava Grado and Litoranea-Héliport, up to ‘to the road network’

He expected the exclusion of Senator De Siano from political election candidacies?

Domenico DeSiano

“Honestly, I didn’t expect it. Sometimes I would catch myself talking to him, and he would tell me that an agreement had been made for a safe college: so I thought he would be reelected, as well as a candidate. I don’t I didn’t expect such an exclusion. Then, I don’t know what happened: with this absurd electoral system, the party leaders decide to insert candidates regardless of their degree of understanding of the territory, and often you get to paradoxes like that, where it’s hard to really understand the underlying motivations. For me, I repeat, it was a surprise.”

“I did not expect the exclusion of Domenico De Siano from the candidacies in the political elections. This absurd electoral system sometimes leads parties to decisions whose reasons are difficult to understand.

The radar installed in Lacco Ameno is an important step for road safety: how much emphasis should be placed on this direction?

“I think it’s a very positive initiative: Ischia will also be equipped with two similar facilities. Now we have to recognize that there are too many vehicles on the island, and therefore we have to drive carefully everywhere. When you have to drive to get to your destination, to get to an appointment, it is better to organize well in advance of the departure time. It will also be necessary to adapt public transport: in this sense I intend to meet the leaders of the Eavbus. It would be possible to get buses more suited to the island, a little smaller, with different and more resistant engines, discouraging the continued use of private vehicles”.

“Radars are a step forward, driving you have to be careful everywhere, but I think we must also try to adapt public transport: smaller buses adapted to our territory”

How will the outcome of national political elections alter the structures and balance of local politics?

“I don’t think there will be any significant changes for local politics. I do not see how the results of the policies can affect the assets of the municipalities of the island, or at least, given the current context, I do not think that there will be direct influences”.

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