“Investing more in sport, taking something away from health”. The left’s no to Mastrangelo, Maestri: “The League weakens the right to public health”


"Investing more in sport, taking something away from health".  The left's no to Mastrangelo, Maestri: "The League weakens the right to public health" - il Dolomiti

“Investing more in sport, taking something away from health”. The no of the Left to Mastrangelo, Maestri: “The League weakens the right to public health”

THIRTY. « Mastrangelo disguised as the national team ‘wall’ of volleyball the jersey of Italy. Today she wears the League jersey. And as a Northern League player he says: ‘Investing in sports by taking something out of health care‘. From the Serie’mens sana in corpore sano‘. And who’s not on top, who’s sick, who can’t do it, be satisfied“. Thus comments the Secretary of the Democratic Party of Trentino, Lucie Maestrithe statements of Luigi MastrangeloItalian volleyball legend, now a House candidate for Matteo Salvini’s party.

In his statements to The breakfast clubat Radio Capital, Mastrangelo offers “investing more in sport, perhaps taking something away from health care“. A statement to which the immediately said no: “The league weakens the right to public health – declares the Masters – only those who can feel good he can afford it economically. Do we really want it? Not in my name (not in my name ed)”.

Sports is a fundamental point of the electoral campaign of the right in view of the upcoming political elections in September. Only last Sunday, the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Melon high tall controversial with his post on Facebook, in which he defines sport as solution to “deviations such as drugs, alcohol, the spiral of violence”, proposing to invest in “right to sport” To improve “A healthy lifestyle“.

He also answers Barbara Poggiovice-rector for equity and diversity policies of the University of Trento: “Beyond the ease and disturbing assonances with the ideologies of the pastthat we hoped to have left behind, are there two problems in particular that I would like to recall. The first concerns the very concept of deviance. To better argue her speech, the leader of the Brothers of Italy quoted Wikipedia, defining the discrepancies as ‘behavior that breaks the rules‘. Even if the policy often lasts for slogans and tweetshowever, given the complexity of the subject, it would have been useful to recall in full (at least) the definition provided by Wikipedia”.

A definition that recognizes the “social construction dimension of deviant behaviors“, says Poggio:” Deviance is in fact often the result of a social labeling process – supports the vice-rector in turn linked to degree of social control of a society. Social contexts characterized by high control and compliancelike the one in which the political topics which push in this direction, in fact have a a greater propensity to identify deviant behaviors“.

The second point, on the other hand, concerns “theemphasis on sport as a solution to youth problems“. Sport, recognized as an “important practice in process of growth and identity constructionhowever, it can also transform into problematic terrain“.

Among the deviations of the young people, the leader of the FdI also included theanorexia: “Various studies have indeed highlighted the fact that athletes (and especially female athletes) – explains Poggio – are exposed to greater socio-cultural pressure than to conform to an ideal morphology (and this is especially true in sports like artistic gymnastics), as well as a rather strict diets“.

Poggio reports that it is no coincidence that “about 50% of women with eating disorders exercise excessivelyoften developing a kind of addiction to physical activity. Phenomena of this type they do not require much more investment in sportbut rather a greater attention to identity and gender patterns which are proposed to the new generations, questions little taken into account, even completely neglected in the current campaign, in particular by those who wonder sports champion“.

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