Tourism and ceremonies relaunch fashion retail

Tourism and ceremonies revive the fashion trade
Giulio Felloni, National President of the Italian Fashion Federation (courtesy of the Italian Fashion Federation)

Stable balance sheet for sales, at the end of a summer season characterized by lights and shadows. The analysis of Italian Fashion Federationthe association of Confcommercio which brings together brands specializing in fashion, shows a clear recovery during the month of August, after the dead loss (-10%) recorded in July. Disappointing results in everyday apparel offset a boom in formal wear sales and a sharp increase in spending in tourist resorts. The association’s concerns are linked to the month of September, when the tourist flow should slow down.

National President of the Italian Fashion Federation, from Ferrara Julien Felloni, highlights the excellent trend of consumption not only of formal jackets but also of sports jackets, a trend destined to consolidate in the coming winter season. The search for color and the innovation work carried out by fashion brands are also highlighted. The fall in sales in July weighs heavily, probably triggered by international problems, by the return of infections and also by the general increase in prices which is contracting the purchasing power of the end customer.

“Clothing may be the only sector that hasn’t raised prices, but from the fall things will start to change,” Felloni said. In particular, a first increase is planned for the prices of fall-winter 2022/23 clothing and an even more substantial one, of around 10%, for next summer. Returning to the final balance sheet, Felloni argues that “we should close at 2021 levels, as an almost bright start was followed by a mid-season settlement and then, in July, a significant drop in retail sales. The lack of serenity slows down, as always, the propensity to buy”.

From Brescia, Carlo Massolettiresearch shop owner Until the art, specifies that: “The start of the season was conditioned by delays in deliveries, due to the Covid, from our suppliers. Then there was a moderate recovery phase between April and June. In July, sale sales were also affected by the excessive heat which penalized the desire to go out shopping. Shops specializing in ceremonies and events have obtained great satisfaction, as have those related to the beach and holidays”.

Top sellers for Patrizia Di Dionational vice-president of Confcommercio and fashion entrepreneur in Palermo with Life in pink, were absolutely the leaders related to ceremonies, parties and the sea. Generally speaking, 2022 was supposed to be the year of the full recovery of fashion retail, with sales expectations above 2019 levels. from an absolute emergency like the pandemic to a series of related emergencies,” said the entrepreneur. “Looking positively, there has been no more contraction and the tourism boom here in Sicily is acting as a compensating effect on the reductions in some internal consumption. Our businesses are facing a paradigm shift, shifting the axis of the quantitative offer towards the qualitative offer of precious and durable clothing and accessories. More than products as they are, we will sell meanings”.

From Lazio, Leonard Tostifive stores between Rieti and the province and president of Confcommercio Lazio north, highlights the selection criteria of its customers. “After two years of absence, they took care of the expenses of the ceremonies. In addition to suits, white shirts, in constant replenishment, and linen have done very well, but also those in antibacterial and technical fabric,” he explained. “Among footwear, demand has been for the formal and the loafer, with a flex in the sneaker. On the other hand, everyday clothing has lost ground, from polo shirts to t-shirts, with the exception of the big brands which play apart. In general, having less budget available, the consumer concentrated his purchases on clothing for events, abandoning everyday life”.

Finally from Padua, Ricardo Captainio, general manager of Captainio Group present with two multi-brands and five franchises between city and province, reaffirms the trend towards the purchase of clothing linked to ceremonies and the return to social life, observing how sales have been very strong in the full-price season and slower in phase of settlement. “In a world where everything happens on demand, it is the same notion of balance that loses its value. Our customers want to buy what they need right away. In addition, we had few stocks in stock because the orders during the season were reduced and in the end the suppliers did not have any restocking. Finally, we have reduced the discounts because there is a need for margins to support the fixed costs of the stores which are constantly increasing”, concludes the manager. (All rights reserved)

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