Madrid: 7 must-see things in the Spanish capital


Madrid: 7 cose da vedere assolutamente nella Capitale spagnola

Spain is always a good idea, especially the beautiful capital Madrid! Not only is it a place of culture and knowledge, but it is also a nerve center for entertainment and nightlife. To not miss the 7 best attractions to visit absolutely, read the article!

Madrid: 7 must-see things in the Spanish capital

When you think of a goal for a fun trip, animatedwith a lot of things to see and lots of funthe first thought goes straight to Spain! It is not so easy to choose a very specific Spanish city because each must offer a different experience; but why not start exploring this fantastic nation from the capital? the splendid Madrid fall asleep late at night and wake up late in the day, when the sun is high and the first rays of the sun warm the city. But Madrid is much more: it is culture, pleasure, joy and all that is most beautiful; in fact he has asuch an array of attractions that a single weekend is not enough to visit it. Without forgetting the food, good and tasty thanks to the different types of tapas based on typical local products, a real delight to taste! And to continue mentioning other positive points, we want to talk about the sympathy of the Spaniards? So energetic and full of life, radiant and easy going. In summary, it is undoubtedly a place to discover, where if it is better to pass at least 5 days, even just a taste of a weekend can be the start of a beautiful love story with this city of Madrid. But let’s get to the point, if you want to know which are the best must-see attractions, keep reading the article!

7 things to see in the beautiful city of Madrid

1. Prado Museum

The first bomb dropped: the Prado Museum it is one of the most famous and visited museums in the world, thanks to the various collections of paintings and sculptures exhibited in the beautiful rooms of the building. The masterpieces of Italian, Flemish and Spanish schools they enchant the scrutinizing eyes of tourists due to their priceless charm. To name just a few of the works of art housed in the museum, you can admire The ladies of Velazquez And The May 3 shootings of Goya. Another interesting factor is related to free ticket: in fact of 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday, it is possible to visit the museum without paying the entrance ticket. Moreover, also for all under 18 and students between 18 and 25the visit is free.

Prado Museum

2. Royal Palace

To retrace spanish historythis place is ideal because it represents the official residence of the Spanish royal familyeven if it’s today used only for ceremonies, official acts and conferences, while the monarchs live in the charming Zarzuela Palace. By buying the ticket to visit inside the buildingyou can explore the official salons, the royal pharmacy but also the armoury, very suggestive place.

royal palace

3. Plaza Mayor

In the past, this square was the city’s main market and also a place that hosted many public performances, such as bullfights or executions. Overtime Plaza Mayor has certainly changed a lot: not only is it a very touristic point, but it is also a place where Spanish culture is palpablethanks to the many unique bars, restaurants and typical shops.

Plaza Mayor

4. Ground Gate

Very close to the Plaza Mayor, Ground Gate is another of the most important squares in Madrid since it is considered the nerve center of the streets of the city, as well as the place where National New Year’s Eve celebration, with the imposing clock striking 12 o’clock. Moreover, the statue is located in this famous square The bear and the strawberry treesymbol of the Spanish capital.

Ground Gate

5. Buen Retiro Park

To take a moment to pause and disconnect from this ever-changing Spanish city, the Retiro Park it’s a great idea, especially to fill your eyes green and lush landscape. If you pass by this wonderful place, you must definitely visit the crystal palacein perfect Victorian style.

Retiro Park

6. San Miguel Market

During a trip not only is it pleasant to visit the city and its main attractions, but also to do some culinary experiencestasting typical local products and get in touch with the culture of the place. For this to happen, the San Miguel Market it is the ideal place to find many food stall they sell characteristic dishes. You will lick your whiskers, you will see!

San Miguel Market

7. Gran Via

And to conclude this trip in style, a nice walk admire the windows of Gran Via it’s not bad at all, actually. In addition to finding one wide choice of commercial activitiesthere are very many restaurants, theaters and pubs where to spend a pleasant evening in the company of the locals. Plus, that’s exactly where it’s at lots of nightlifeso the fun will certainly not fail.

Gran Via

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