Istanbul: 5 Must-See Attractions of the Magnificent Turkish City


Istanbul: 5 attrazioni imperdibili della magnifica città Turca

A trip to the beautiful Turkish city: everything you need to know to not miss unique experiences and places that will leave you speechless!

Istanbul: 5 must-see attractions in the magnificent Turkish city

Mosques, spicy foods, colored lights and many experiences to do in the beautiful city of Istanbul. If you are thinking of taking a trip to this Turkish destination, we have some tips for you. To follow everything unmissable attractions of the beautiful city steeped in history.

Istanbul the city of experiences

In Istanbul you will not be bored, in this place they mix culinary experiences, religious solemnity and numerous markets where you can buy special items at low prices. If you have doubts about whether or not to choose the beautiful Istanbul as the destination of your next trip, after reading our advice you will have no more doubts. Turkey town is one of those places where you can open the mind and fill the heart.

Hagia Sophia


One of the main landmarks in the historic center of Istanbul is the Hagia Sophiaalso known as Grand Holy Mosque of Hagia Sophia. This sacred place which literally means “sacred wisdom” was built by the Byzantine emperor in the 6th century and was later converted into an Ottoman mosque, at the request of Muhammad, from 1453. To this day, Hagia Sophia is a museum accessible to all, that it deserves to be visited because of its marvelous architectural structure. Inside there are majestic bronze chandeliers, mosaics enriched with gold, silver and many colored stones, while the exterior facade is completely covered in marble.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul


Istanbul has always been a particularly successful city due to the fact that it is geographically characterized as a major trading port. Merchant exchanges took place here because the city developed around the Bosphorus Straitin this language of the sea which connects the Black Sea to the Sea of ​​Marmara. For this reason, the commerce has always been at the heart of Istanbul’s cultural system and to realize it is very simple since it is enough to go in the small alleys of the Grand Bazaar. This place composed of the spicy flavors of the Orient, fabrics and jewelry is organized by small covered souks and numerous itinerant merchants. If you believe in Evil Eye Amulets, the traditional ones can also be found in the Great Market nazar.

Istanbul’s hammams


If you’ve been wandering the streets of beautiful Istanbul for days, you just have to treat yourself a few moments of rest in the famous Hammam. You do not know what it is ? Hammams are gods paradisiacal places of relaxation complete with Hammam, sauna, showers and massage areas. The Hammams are then structured in such a way as to bring you directly back to a old fashioned spa with the traditional Turkish bath. Obviously, here too, evolution has taken its course and certain elements of modern spas have been grafted onto these structures, such as the various essential oil treatments, very useful for aromatherapy. The most famous Hammams that you absolutely cannot miss are: Haseki Hurrem Sultan Hamami, Kilic Ali Pasha Hamam from Beyoğlu, Cağaloğlu Hamamı. Seeing is believing.

Hodjapasha Cultural Center


One of the best things about a trip is that fort need that drives us to want to discover and admire the cultures and traditions very far from ours. Think of Bali and its Legong dance, or the Masaai dances in Kenya, structured in choreography colorful and suggestive really very different from each other. The same goes for Istanbul, in the beautiful city of Turkey, we can admire dance performances typical of this culture, in particular the swirling dance dervishes which is a founding part of a mystical ritual ofMevlevi Orderaccompanied by lines from Rumi’s poems. To see these shows, it is not necessary to go out as they take place inside the Hojapasha cultural center, close to the main places of tourist interest. The structure is simply magnificent, it is in fact an old Hammam from the 15th century enriched by magnificent interior with domed roof.

Istanbul cuisine


Ethnic flavor tasters we have not forgotten you! If you are a meat lover in general, you cannot fail to fall in love with typical Istanbul cuisine. One of the best known foods is classic kebab, now known worldwide and available in many variations. Usually the meat is minced and then cooked golden in a pan, to enhance the taste the addition of tomato and onion and a mixture of spices typical of oriental countries. There are so many ways to cook the meat and more so the seasoning methods, in fact you will see many restaurants specializing in this dish in many variations in the narrow streets of the city. Do not think about the diet, on vacation you do not pay attention to the silhouette!

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