On vacation with Queen Elizabeth of England



Every year, in the months of January and February, Queen Elizabeth of England takes refuge in her house in Sandringhama beautiful country house in the county of Norfolk.

The period of his stay is not fortuitous and has nothing to do with the winter holidays. In fact, it was during this period that the death of Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, occurred at Sandringham in 1952. Since then, Queen Elizabeth II has decided to spend the anniversaries of her father’s death in the quiet of Sandringham House.

When she is not there, however, the house is open to the public and can be visited. Inside, splendid rooms richly decorated with period furniture and works of art that belonged to the British royal family.

Now some lucky ones who manage to win the booking early will also be able to stay at Sandringham, alive a truly royal experience.

Stay in Sandringham

The Queen has indeed decided to rent a chalet on the property for short periods through Airbnb. It is the cottage intended for the gardener of the Queen, the Garden House, but to see it it looks like a small palace.

The Sandringham Cottage can be rented next February for a minimum stay of three months for the modest sum of £354 per night, equal to around 410 euros (less than a suite in a modern five star hotel).

On the Airbnb website the gardener’s house it is described as “a delightful refuge, belonging to Her Majesty The Queen, nestled in the heart of her beloved Sandringham Estate and the nearest building to Sandringham House itself”.

The cottage offers “charming and relaxing accommodation” for up to eight people on two levels. “Eclecticly furnished with a royal collection, all furniture and paintings were once housed in one of the royal residences.”

The garden is no exception. It is described as a place of “pure delight and a beautiful setting for this idyllic abode for guests to enjoy”. Dogs are also allowed, it goes without saying, as Her Majesty is a huge lover of her corgi which she has owned since she was 18 years old.

Other royal residences to stay

Sandringham is not the only royal residence where you can stay. In fact, Queen Elizabeth also rents accommodation on the property of Balmoral, one of Britain’s most famous royal residences, in Scotland, where Her Majesty is now located.

This estate was purchased in 1848 by Queen Victoria, who defined it “My Dear Heaven in the Highlands”. Balmoral Castle is currently the Royal Family’s private summer residence, but from April to July it is open to the public and visitors can tour the grounds, gardens, Grand Ballroom and exhibitions.

To cope with the economic crisis, it even recently decided to review real rates so low that prices start at 15 pounds, about 17 euros. Unbelievable.

The cheapest cottages, Colt Cottage, do indeed generally have prices from 555 pounds (650 euros) per week, but can go up to 1,650 pounds, or around 1,900 euros, and can sleep up to five people which means that each night it costs 79 pounds (about 92 euros) and therefore 15.80 pounds per person per night.

The lodgings are two in number and are separated from each other. On the Balmoral website, they are described as “situated close to the castle, close to the offices and stables of the property. It is accessed by the public road that leads to Balmoral and then by a private road”.

The most expensive is the Rhebreck Lodge which sleeps up to six people and is on the east side of the royal residence, but enjoys spectacular views over the valley and golf course. It can be rented all year round, except during the so-called “Royal Visit”. Inside, there are bedrooms with fireplaces, a living room and a dining room as well as the eat-in kitchen.

Those interested can already book to stay between January and March 2023. None of the chalets are available when the Queen is at Balmoral, for obvious security reasons.

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