New Parliament, Opi Trento writes to candidates: “Here are nurses’ priorities to ensure concrete responses to care and health needs”


Coronavirus, Opi Trento: "Rispetto per gli infermieri e sicurezza dei pazienti nelle Rsa".

We receive and publish an open letter signed by President Daniel Pedrotti (photo).

Dear Candidate for Parliament,
in this abnormal election campaign, little is said about health planning, despite the critical period we have gone through and the demanding challenges we will have to face in the near future. They are now here to see it all centrality of the nursing professionthe value and values ​​of this figure in all care settings.

Innovative models and paradigm shifts in the management of territorial aid and the health and social health needs of citizens they are the key to ensuring that people do not arrive at the hospital when it is too late, when it is not necessary or when simply no other solution is found, so that in the care of healthcare of the future, our home can become the “place of care” of choice. The most recent data available show a 10% reduction in abusive hospitalizations and a reduction of waiting time in the Regions that have focused oncommunity nursing.

As nurses, we feel the frustration of those who continue every day, despite the difficulties, these models in the paths of prevention, continuity of assistance and care in hospitals, from RSA, to home of citizens, but come up against a reality that is often not equipped to introduce and support such innovative models, and above all that he does not see any operational variation in the electoral programs.

One thing to worry about is that there are few nurses compared to the needs is it the profession is less and less attractiveabandoned by young and old, while forbidden places in universities are often not saturated. The number of nurses needed, estimated by international analyzes (WHO, OECD, etc.) does not correspond to the numbers available in Italy and the causes are to be sought also and above all in the lack of valuation and economic recognition of the professionAs good as insidelack of career prospects.

That said, also by the future parliamentarians from Trentino specific choices are needed to guarantee patients and citizens concrete responses to assistance and healthcare needs. For Opi Thirty it is important to submit to you the applications that have been submitted nationally by the fnopi. The more than 460,000 nurses and pediatric nurses registered in Italy (4,600 registered with our Order) are now asking for politics clear-sighted and concrete choices for an essential change of pace to guarantee patients and citizens adequate responses to assistance and health needs, avoiding rebounds in skills between the Regions – Autonomous Provinces and the State, joining forces in respect of their respective prerogatives.

In addition to the critical issues described above, Opi Trento supports the new regulatory needs for recognition of the specificity of the nursing profession, highlighted by the Fnopi, which can be grouped into three priorities:

  1. Provide for the inclusion within the Lea (essential levels of assistance) of the specialized care branch to ensure the homogenization of services at regional, autonomous and national level, with the establishment of specialized skills (e.g. wound care , tutoring, vascular access management, ostomy therapy, health education and therapeutic compliance interventions, etc.), which are not officially recognized for nurses. It should also allow the possibility of prescribing aids and aids, as a tool for the application of specialist skills, which fall within nursing competence, as is already the case in various EU countries. Moreover, for specialized skills, formative, organizational, contractual and professional recognition is urgent, especially the figure of the family and community nurse;
  • Promote university training in nursing through the recognition of specialized training skills (direction/coordination and tutoring of nursing courses) and through the establishment of clinical masters and specialization schools. In addition, the locations of courses and specialization diplomas must be defined according to the needs of the health system with adequate planning. For this reason, it is necessary to provide funding for university education and to increase the number of nursing professors which is insufficient and does not guarantee quality university education, as well as guaranteeing the numerical standards of the tutor ratio / student ;
  • Provide for the economic revaluation of nursing specificities established by the 2021 finance law: today, Italian nurses occupy 25th place in annual average remuneration among OECD countries (followed only by eight other countries). The economic recognition of exclusivity for nurses is also essential, by overcoming the constraints of the current law on public employment, which dates from 21 years ago, or alternatively by allowing the exercise of independent extra- muros to allow them to provide their service also to other public and non-public structures.

We believe that the policy must now set specific objectives: without nurses, there is no health. We ask you to take ownership of the content of this letter and to commit yourself so that Italy is a nation that invests in nursing care and that our profession becomes attractive again for young people and rewarding for those who already practice it. Citizens can’t wait any longer. They need help and they need quality help.

Nurse Times Editorial Team

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