Back-to-school syndrome and weight gain, here is the diet and the rules to fight the post-holiday condition


Back-to-school syndrome and weight gain, here is the diet and the rules to fight the post-holiday condition -

Now that the holidays summer is a distant memory, back to the usual routine it could be a problem. The resumption of one’s habits, work and the psycho-physical stress that this entails, can indeed be a source of distress And disorientation for a few days or even weeks. Our body has also suffered from the gods changes during the holidays and on the way home, it is not so easy to find the right rhythm. This is why we speak of “re-entry syndrome“. Like, how fight it?

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Reentry syndrome

These 2-3 kilograms of ballast more than many take, between dinners And appetizers on the beachcan make it more difficult to overcome what is called syndrome of come back in. A increase weight, even light, can create a hormonal imbalance which, in turn, can worsen it symptomsactually lengthening the duration.

“While the beneficial effect of the holidays seems to be fading quickly, the reestablishment of routine for around half of Italians,
especially women, it is associated with stress and worries” – he states Annamaria Colaopresident of the Italian Society of Endocrinology (EIS) e Full professor of endocrinology at University Frederick II of Naples.

Then he continues: “It is the so-called syndrome of come back innot a pathology found in the textbooks of Medicationbut for all intents and purposes a real condition that many experience after a longer or shorter period of holidays especially fromsummer. It’s an answer psycho-physicalone, characterized by anxiety, insomnia, irritability And fatiguewhich is felt when returning to a normality different from the relaxing and carefree one of holidays“.

Who suffers

“According to the estimates of the YES ISit undergoes up to 45% of the population with a frequency which in women is 2 to 3 times greater than Men“says Colao. Then he specifies: “A fatigue which also increases because of the longcovid who just has the fatigue deep as the main symptom. Reentry syndrome usually has a short and transient character and lasts from a few days to a week”.

“There is now a lot of evidence scientific which show the presence of a double link between weight gain and anxiety and depression. In particular – continues – the state inflammatory caused by even slight weight gain, it can create a hormonal imbalance by disrupting the system that converts progesterone into allopregnanolone, the hormone of Welfare and increasing levels of cortisolL’hormone of the stress. This, predisposing to anxiety and fatigue, as well as aggravating the symptoms of reentry syndrome, particularly thefatigueit can extend its duration,” he concludes Annamaria Colao, President of the Italian Society of Endocrinology.

It depends on what

Basically, those who maintain their healthy weight by holidays surpass better and sooner i bothersome symptoms back to routinefor example after two or four days, compared to those who put on rather kilo too many, which can make it more difficult to eliminate the lack of Powerful which depends on the fluctuation of hormones such as progesterone and cortisol.

Annamaria Colao’s advice

The good news is it ours body can be helped to overcome the effects of re-entry syndrome more quickly, by following a few simple tips: “The first rule is to try to maintain a good rhythm sleep-wakeby respecting his biological clock: thanks to an adequate quantity of Rest and keep regular hours you can recover the energies and a good hormonal balance is favored”, he recommends Colao.

Then he continues: “Equally important dietthat must be varied and balance: to assure Powerful this does not mean consuming too many sugars, which on the contrary can accentuate the feeling of fatiguebut follow aPower source rich in fruit, vegetables And Whole grains. Finally, thephysical exercise: tired of sport is in good health, give endorphins which increase good mood and keep fit avoiding fatigue due to extra pounds, but above all moving regularly in the long term gives energy, since they improve metabolic processes and therefore the use of energy by thebody“.

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