Ligue 1: Lorient climbs on the podium behind PSG and OM after their victory at Auxerre (1-3)


Ligue 1: Lorient climbs on the podium behind PSG and OM after their victory at Auxerre (1-3) - Eurosport FR

The Hakes don’t stop. They even find themselves temporarily at the top of the Ligue 1 standings with PSG and OM. Still in great shape, the Lorientais went to clearly beat Auxerre, Friday evening, at the start of the 8th day (1-3). Dango Ouattara (15th), Terem Moffi (36th) and Enzo Le Fée (44th) scored in the first period. Gauthier Hein (50th) reduced the score in second but AJA suffered a 4th loss in a row.

This meeting between two teams with totally opposite dynamics started off with a bang. Lorient set up their fast forward game straight away and Moffi gave work to Jubal and Alexandre Coeff. If the second showed aggressiveness, the first quickly found himself in difficulty. Eager to be enterprising, the Auxerrois circulated the ball well but failed to take the opposing defense.

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Untenable Ouattara, The Inspired Fairy

Quite the opposite of Bretons inspired like the excellent Le Fée who launched Julien Ponceau on the right of the Burgundian surface for a low pass and an uncrossed recovery from Ouattara at the penalty spot for the opener (0-1, 15th). Symbol of this fabulous start to the season for Les Hakes, the 20-year-old Burkinabé is now at 4 goals and 5 assists in the league. He even almost got a penalty in stride for a hazardous exit from Benoît Costil but the referee and the VAR did not see any fault by the goalkeeper (18th).

However, AJA remained playful against Hakes who retreated after taking the lead. Hamza Sakhi found himself in a good position in the zone of truth but he sent his recovery on Yvon Mvogo (27th) while the center-forward Mbaye Niang could never really stand out. Serene and patient, the Lorient residents waited for the right moment to punish their opponents again following a repelled free kick. In a second step, Vincent Le Goff went to center on the left for a delivery from Montassar Talbi at the far post and a header from Moffi at close range to deceive Costil (0-2, 36th). Also in great shape, the 23-year-old Nigerian already has 6 achievements in L1 in this exercise.

Still failing in defense because they were not reactive enough, the Auxerrois were quick to crack again. The Fairy infiltrated the zone of truth to serve Ouattara whose recovery was postponed by Costil. The 22-year-old Breton master however followed and scored closely in turn (0-3, 44th). First refused for offside, his goal was finally validated by the VAR and Lorient took off thanks to Le Fée’s second goal this season.

The brave but too tender AJA

Rhythmic and open in the first period, the meeting started again on the same bases after the break and Hein revived the Icaunais by following a strike from Mathias Autret repelled by Mvogo (1-3, 50th). Lorient, however, remained dangerous thanks to his quick and worked out balls and the vista of Le Fée who ideally served Moffi at the entrance to the opposing area before he misadjusted his little curled shot (56th) .

Launched in turn by Le Fée, Diarra placed a superb counter on the right but came up against Costil at the end of his long race (70th). Opposite, Auxerre held the ball and pushed without succeeding in being really dangerous until a miss from the incoming Lassine Sinayoko in added time (90th + 2). After their rout in Rennes (5-0), Jean-Marc Furlan’s men lost again. The promoted will have to correct many points to stop their negative spiral. The Hakes of Régis Le Bris, they will just regret that the international break comes to suspend their formidable dynamic and their historic start to the season.

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