Holidays in Piedmont: monuments and places not to be missed in Alessandria


Holidays in Piedmont: monuments and places not to be missed in Alessandria - Today Chronicle

The Piedmont regioninserted, in 2019, in the first place among the places to visit in the world by Lonely Planet, is characterized by avaried tourist offer: from the Maritime Alps to the landscapes of the Langhe, from the shores of lakes to art. It also has a strong industrial vocation and in this area are the headquarters of prestigious Made in Italy companies (such as Olivetti) and large economic centers such as Fiat.
A really special aspect of this territory is the attention paid to gastronomy. In fact, the Slow Food project was born here. The Piedmontese are therefore the famous Ferrero, Pernigotti and Venchi.

Being a region rich in greenery, Piedmont offers a wide range of offers for holidays in the mountains or on farms. According to the Confcommercio survey, in 2022, 7 out of 10 Italians will go on farm holidays, both for summer holidays, for weekends and for day trips in contact with nature. A choice that will certainly bring an increase in attendance in the region.
Alexandria, centrally located between Turin, Milan and Genoa, it represents a strategic location; a city rich and full of monuments and places not to be missed.

Let’s find out together.

Historic monuments
Alexandria has the typical conformation of fortress cities, since, being a place of passage, it often found itself defending itself from the attacks of armies that aimed at neighboring capitals, such as Milan.
L’most important buildingunsurprisingly, it is the Citadel, a splendid example of military architecture with a star shape and six bastions. It was built by the Savoyards and is among the best preserved military structures in Italy.
In the historic center are worth visiting the Municipal building (also called Palazzo Rosso because of the color of its facade) and the post office building, characterized by the mosaics of Gino Severini.
Among the religious buildings, it deserves a mention St. Peter’s Cathedral, center of the city’s faith, which houses 24 statues of patron saints of the Lombard League. Founded in the 22nd century, it has undergone several renovations following demolitions.

The museums of the city of Alexandria
Among the excellences of the city it is necessary to retain the famous Borsalino hat, which takes its name from the founder Giuseppe Borsalino, and which became, at the beginning of the 20th century, one of the most famous companies in Italy with a production of 2 million hats per year. A museum is dedicated to the famous headdress, which is located in the company’s former headquarters.
Other museums worth visiting are the civic museumwith works and art objects from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, and the Science Theater with appendix Natural Science Museum and Planetarium. For lovers of customs and traditions, there is also the possibility of visiting the Ethnographic Museum “Once upon a time”which recounts the peasant society of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The province of Alexandria
Those who like to immerse themselves in nature to discover villages and castles can add to the visit of the city also a tour in the province, to discover territories such as the Montferrata region known for its wines and for the production of sparkling wine.
Among the places not to be missed is the Sacro Monte de Creaa UNESCO heritage nature reserve with a huge basilica dedicated to the Madonna di Crea, which consists of 23 chapels.
Finally, for lovers of the history of the Templars, an essential place is Tortonawhich according to legend is the city that holds the Holy Grail.
To find out how to travel safely in Piedmont and visit Alexandria and its province, visit the specialized site, where you will also find many travel tips.

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