Occupational Health and Safety, Pasa (Cgil Savona): “Enough of the exceptions for the worse to national contracts”


Occupational Health and Safety, Pasa (Cgil Savona): "Enough of the exceptions for the worse to national contracts" -

We urge local institutions and employers’ associations in Savona to step up and get involved. First of all by saying no to the exceptions for the worse to national labor contracts that some companies, even in the province of Savona, are asking for hours and precariousness that reduce the safety and health of workers“Thus, through a press release, the provincial secretary of the CGIL Andrea Pasa.

We denounce it once again – Don’t continue – it is now necessary to build agreements, protocols which reinforce and improve health and safety and not the reverse. Today we must reduce working time and not increase it, today we must reduce flexibility and precariousness and not increase it. Faced with the slaughter that affects the world of work every day, companies that continue to ask for derogations for the worse on such delicate subjects lack scruples and undermine the fundamental principles of the right to health of those who work. We repeat it for the umpteenth time: stop“.

Occupational health and safety are not a subject of interest for the electoral campaign, yet they concern people’s lives, their dignity and their fundamental rights. In Italy since the beginning of 2022 there are almost 600 deaths at work, an average of 3 per day. More than 400,000 accident declarations and growth of more than 7% for occupational disease declarations. Last year, company inspections revealed irregularities for 69% of the companies inspected. In terms of health and safety at work, 77% of irregularities are reached. And this with a derisory quantity of control and monitoring bodies for 1,600,000 companies. These are not numbers! They are people!“.

All business loans, which are increasing as a result of the implementation of the PNRR, must be conditional on investments in health and safety at work. It is to be expected and demanded that companies in each sector follow qualification criteria (also through the points licensing model) and that only collective labor agreements stipulated by comparatively more representative trade union associations are applied, in particularly with regard to public procurement. , under penalty of exclusion of the calls themselves“.

We require education and training for all male and female workers, for all types of contracts, at the start of work activity, before awarding work – adds Pasa We want employer training to be a prerequisite for starting or running a business. It is essential to strengthen controls by the “monitoring system” – Inl, Asl, Inail, Inps – in companies in terms of quality, quantity and frequency and implementation, tbetween these institutions of concrete and permanent coordination, comparison and collaboration also involving the social partners. We want the guarantee, also through the action of inspection, of the adoption of the most representative collective bargaining at all levels: national, territorial and company, so that the protections in terms of health and safety are certainly extended to all workers.“.

Today’s workers are faced with a changing profession, technological and digital innovations, climate change, precarious employment, an aging workforce. We ask for the launch of discussion tables on these questions, between the competent ministries, the social partners and the institutes and research bodies. The analysis of the causes of accidents, technopathies and research on emerging risks must be carried out; issues of workplace violence and harassment should be addressed in accordance with national law and contracts. We want the subject of health and safety at work to enter the school curriculum so that it is not only knowledge of the rules but that respect for the value of human life is realized. We ask the political forces who come to vote their commitment to stop this massacrefinally concludes the provincial secretary of the CGIL Savona.

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