Amsterdam: 8 things you didn’t know about the beautiful Dutch capital. You will be amazed!


Amsterdam: 8 cose che non sai sulla splendida Capitale olandese. Resterai a bocca aperta!

If I told you that smoking is not allowed in Amsterdam, would you believe it? I know that may not seem true, but this, like other curiosities about the Dutch capital, are truths that will make visiting this city even more interesting…

Amsterdam: 8 things you didn't know about the beautiful Dutch capital.  You will be amazed!

We all know amsterdam its nature, its assets and its essential stages such as the museum of Van Gogh or the house of Anne Frank. But there are things about Amsterdam that we don’t all know and that are a lot curiousin some ways they will make us love this pearl of the north even more Europe. How much are the What is this from Amsterdam, so that you don’t even know each other? Count them between these 8 that follow :

Amsterdam has more canals than Venice

Amsterdam Canal

They call it the Venice of the Northbut it is perhaps Venice that should be called theamsterdam from South. Why? Because if the notoriety of the Italian city, in terms of airworthinessyou seem bigger than Amsterdam, it’s actually there Dutch capital have multiple channels between the two. If in fact Venice counts 150 channels overall in Amsterdam they are fine 165.

In Amsterdam, bikes are 3 times more than cars

amsterdam bike

It’s not meant just to say, amsterdam he is really serious with his passion for the bike. There are, in fact, more bikes than people here. Compared to the machines there is no history, they are 3 times more bikes on the street versus cars and having at least one bike are the 60% of the residents! In Amsterdam, take a walk along a bike path it can be as dangerous as crossing the street in Rome at rush hour if you don’t stay You must beware you might be overwhelmed.

Long and narrow houses pay less tax

Amsterdam House

Have you ever wondered why the house shapeshere in Amsterdam they are like that narrow and long? No, it’s not an architectural or stylistic choice; in the 17th century citizens paid the amount of taxes corresponding to this public land busy. That’s since then, to save on collectorbuildings have been developed In heightalso reaching 4 or 5 floorsThe narrowest house in Amsterdam measures 2 meters wide for 5 of depth.

The oldest business in the world, in Amsterdam, regularly pays taxes

by wallen

About taxesin Amsterdam the women who exercise “the oldest profession in the world”, the the prostitutespay taxes regularly and issue an invoice, like any other worker. The notion of “woman in shop window“In Amsterdam, it’s not just a saying; close to Central Station indeed, those who do this type of work can To show presented to be noticed and reserved.

Smoking is not allowed in Amsterdam

amsterdam cafe

I’m not kidding and this is not a provocation. In Amsterdam, the cannabis it’s legal but for smoke itas well as to smoke the cigarettesthere is smoking areas. Beyond coffee there are not many spaces where you can smoke freely. Smoking is indeed prohibited. waiting areas, trains, restaurants and bars. Applicable fines start at €25.00 go grow up. A similar argument applies to cannabis use, which is permitted in more than 200 cafesbut not in the public placesprimarily for safety reasons.

Amsterdam was the first in the world to legalize gay rights

civil unions

The first city in the world a legalize the civil unions it was Amsterdam itself. To amsterdam two men or two women can to marry with civil rite since 2001; in this, as in all that concerns freedom of choiceAmsterdam really is still in smell of primacy. Also by virtue of this primacy, theAmsterdam Gay Pride it is among the most followed and taken up by all the broadcasters and newspapers in the world, in particular the parade on the canals.

The largest flower auction in the world, just outside Amsterdam


A short distance from the downtownat Alsmeernot far from the airport Schipholtheflower stem bigger than world. What is it about? A huge hangar houses flowers of all kinds. 33 million plants and flowers are sold every day in 120,000 transactions. THE tourists they can attend the sale from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., but only from the top of certain gatewaysfar from trade.

Churches hidden in houses: in Amsterdam, they exist

secret churches of amsterdam

In the 17th century, what is called the Dutch Golden Age, all cults outside the Protestant cult were prohibited. For this, in particular the Noble familiesproceeded to build their own lodging churches in order to pray and say mass. One of these houses with a catholic church inside theOns’ Lieve Heer op Solderis now a museum and Sunday it comes back Mass celebrated.
If I have you plot enough with all that anecdotes on Amsterdam, you just have to go to check with your eyes that what I have told you is true. Have a good trip!

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