Volkswagen presents Gen.Travel, the electric car for traveling to the future


Volkswagen presenta Gen.Travel, l’auto elettrica per viaggiare nel Futuro

Volkswagen is renewing the short-haul mobility of the future, with the ambition of being able to completely replace flights. A fully electric, sustainable and autonomous car designed for the next generation of MaaS (Mobility as a service). Here is Gen.Travel, how is the mobility of the day after tomorrow and how does it work…

Volkswagen presents Gen.Travel, the electric car for traveling to the future

Volkswagen presents the innovative e sci-fi vehicle of the future; a car designed for rewrite the rules of mobility on the four wheels of the next take place. New concepts, therefore, which are the basis of a futuristic project with high, very high ambitions. Gen.Travelindeed, presented at Chantilly Arts & Elegance on September 24, is based on its basic concepts which are: electric, sustainable and autonomous mobility; “Rules” which are added to new aesthetic and physical lines, and to a cockpit with interiors straight out of the future. But let’s try to understand each other more; So let’s discover even more in depth and in aesthetic and technical detail what this jewel is, straight out of “the day after tomorrow”. Here is Gen.Travel, the vehicle chosen to mark the (for the moment still) uncertain future of four wheels…

Volkswagen looks the day after tomorrow


Yes, the Wolfsburg-based car brand is looking to “the day after tomorrow” to create a vehicle that can make a name for itself in the mobility of the future. A mobility that already requires essential and categorical requirements. The machines of the future, in fact, and we should not look too far, will have to respect technical standards dedicated to sustainability: more heat engines and the use of materials that are tolerable by the environment. And Gen.Travel already appears completely in line with the assumptions dictated.

It’s a real prototype, with 100% electric “motor”, self-driving (Volkswagen says Level 5) designed to redefine long-distance mobility for the next decade. Thanks to its composition, especially the interior, this car is ideal for what is defined MaaS, or Mobility as a service, an innovative idea of ​​transport that changes the concept of ownership; the aim is to replace short-haul flights by offering a real and solid alternative on four wheels. Volkswagen therefore intends to test this concept and the new features and gauge customer response.. Based on the results of the study, the various functions can then be transferred to standard vehicles. Gen.Travel, with its futuristic and innovative forms, is positioned as a vehicle halfway between sedan and minivan (Multi-purpose vehicle).

“With the NEW AUTO strategy, the Volkswagen Group is shaping mobility for generations to come; sustainable and digital mobility – he says Nikolai Ardei, head of innovation at the Volkswagen Group -. Within the Volkswagen Innovation Research department, which operates at Group level, we are developing this idea further, showing how our customers can experience mobility in the future, for example as a service. With GEN.TRAVEL, we can already experience today what, thanks to innovative technology, will be possible in the near future: door-to-door travel on a new level, zero emissions and stress-free”.


100% autonomous driving that guarantees the absolute possibility of transforming the vehicle into an environment dedicated to work, relaxation, leisure and family; without forgetting, however, to offer total safety to its passengers. “GEN.TRAVEL – he said Klaus Ziciora, Head of Design of the Volkswagen Group – offers a glimpse into the journeys of the future. This shows us what autonomous driving will look like. This embodies the visionary design of the day after tomorrow for the mobility of tomorrow. The extremely distinctive design is characterized by the efficiency of the forms. Thus, in an age of technical perfection and virtually limitless possibilities, “form follows function” becomes “form follows freedom”. The car will not only be better, but also more exciting than ever.”

The design of the future between alternative exteriors and multifunctional interiors


Object of the future of design and forms; of structure and functionality. This is what this “vehicle of 2030” looks like to us. The external, although futuristic, they are surrounded by “portholes”, which form a transparent passenger compartment that integrates perfectly with the bodywork of the lower part of the vehicle. The edge of the window is then positioned at the level of the passenger’s waist, so as to ensure the widest possible view of the outside world. Finally, the butterfly doors facilitate entry and exit.

Regarding the interiorInstead, Gen.Travel offers a unique concept. The passenger compartment, in fact, can be personalized to our liking, depending on the type of trip we are going to face (the interior adjustment mode will be bookable in the Mobility-as-a-Service offer). The car can accommodate up to four passengers. The seats, depending on our needs, can take different positions. For business trips, for example, the meeting configuration is available, with four comfortable seats and a large table in the center of the cabin, creating a relaxed atmosphere; dynamic lighting creates a pleasant working environment and reduces the risk of motion sickness (car sickness). For those in the family, however, the front seats can be configured to entertain children using augmented reality (AR).


Finally, inside the Gen.Travel it is also possible to recreate a quiet, comfortable and safe sleeping area. The seats (maximum two at a time), in fact, are fully reclining, managing to adopt a completely horizontal position, suitable for those who need what hour of sleep. An innovative restraint system guarantees maximum occupant safety even when lying down, while the lighting system implemented in the cabin affects the production of melatonin, helping passengers to fall asleep and wake up naturally.

Ensure, then, the maximum habitability and comfort of the interiors; Gen.Travel presents a latest model and an extremely intelligent shock absorption system. She, composed of eABC (Electric Active Body Control) active suspension, is able to calculate in advance (by reading the route set on the navigator) vertical and lateral movements such as acceleration, braking or radius of turns, thus optimizing driving style and trajectory. Finally, artificial intelligence and peloton – fully autonomous driving in convoy – present on board, they make it possible to further increase autonomy for long-distance journeys.

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