F1 – Singapore GP – Leclerc’s pole (Ferrari), Verstappen’s title (Red Bull), Alpine vs McLaren: The GP in question


F1 - Singapore GP - Leclerc's pole (Ferrari), Verstappen's title (Red Bull), Alpine vs McLaren: The GP in question - Eurosport FR

What time does the race start?

8 p.m. local, 2 p.m. French.

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Singapore Grand Prix

New engine and pit start for Russell


Is pole position an asset in Singapore?

Yes, particularly. It is on this circuit of the 2022 calendar that the conversion rate from pole to victory (8/12 or 66% since 2002) is the highest, tied with Montmelo (10/15).

Singapore 66%
Montmelo 66%
Abu Dhabi 61%
Montreal 58%
monaco 57%
Spa 57%

Will Leclerc (Ferrari) finally take advantage of his pole position?

We would like to stop repeating ourselves about his chances, but the stats are stubborn: he transformed his first two pole positions of 2022 into victory (Sakhir and Melbourne) and failed in the following six attempts. At the forefront in 2019 in Singapore, he had also failed.

Can Verstappen (Red Bull) win?

Yes, because we should no longer be surprised by anything coming from him. He is the man of all possibilities this season. And starting from eighth place is not a deal breaker for him, we saw it in Hungary (10th on the grid) and in Belgium (14th). “It’s a bit like Monaco, it’s super hard to pass”admits the Dutchman about Marina Bay.

Verstappen trapped by Red Bull and furious: ‘It’s never acceptable’

The Principality’s turnstile is still much more sterile in terms of overtaking (started 4th, it finished 5th this year) and it clings to the hope of an intervention by the car. He is right: it has taken place at least once in each edition since the event was created in 2008.

How can the Alpine – McLaren duel turn out?

Enstone and Woking each have a well-placed driver (Alonso 5th, Norris 6th) and another at the back of the grid (Ocon 18th, Ricciardo 17th), but the advantage is clearly with the Blues.

“I had confidence in the car, which is necessary on a street circuit like this, and that helped me to understand the conditions, commented “Nando”. I hope the race will be easier, but we will see what the weather has in store for us. We’re only two places off the podium, so if we stay focused and get a clean start, we’ll be in a good position.”

“It’s a different handling, in a way that I don’t like”admitted for his part the Englishman, about the new package brought by the Oranges. “If the track had been completely dry or completely wet, we would have gone further.”

Is overtaking difficult in Singapore?

The numbers have varied over the years, from 3 in 2009 to 49 in 2012 for an average of 12. The last Grand Prix in 2019 brought 29, 22 of them with DRS.

What is special about Singapore?

The concrete of the Esplanade Bridge is supported by magnetic steel beams, Mercedes says. The magnetic fields involved are strong enough to interfere with some sensors on the cars, forcing teams to replace a number of sensors with special versions that are less susceptible to interference. Fitting magnetic shields to shift valves has become a normal part of preparation for the Singapore Grand Prix, but it has already caused cars to stop on track.

What strategy for the race?

If the race is in the dry, the best plan for the 61 laps is to make a stop according to Pirelli, with a stint of 22 to 28 laps in “medium” then a switch to “hard”.

What does the weather forecast say?

Chance of heavy rain.

What results does Max Verstappen need to be champion?

Verstappen titled from Singapore if …

What record will fall at the start?

That of participations. Fernando Alonso will reach 350 career races, and leave Kimi Räikkönen in his mirrors.

Singapore Grand Prix

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Singapore Grand Prix

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